March 7, 2009

5 Answers from Joe Strazzere

5 Answers

What do I have in common with these well-known folks?
  • Matt Heusser
  • Lisa Crispin
  • Jonathan Kohl
  • Linda Wilkinson
  • James Bach
  • James Whittaker
  • Antony Marcano
  • Catherine Powell
  • Alan Page
  • Bj Rollison
  • Pradeep Soundararajan
Until recently, I would have said only "a love for software testing".

But my friend Phil Kirkham has a blog titled "Expected Results" (great name for a tester's blog, Phil).  And he has recently written a series of posts called "5 Questions for..." where he asks other bloggers in this profession five questions.

So, after he queried all these well-known testers, he asked me!  Very flattering.

You can read the questions, along with my answers here:

Thanks, Phil!