November 23, 2009

A New Version of WinTask - 3.7

The good folks at TaskWare have released a new version of the favorite tool in my toolbox - WinTask.

There are two major new features in this release. 

First, WinTask 3.7 now supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. 
And WinTask 3.7 includes the following FTP functions:

  • #FTPTimeout - Specifies the number of seconds which WinTask should wait before reporting a runtime error when it tries to execute a FTP function
  • FTPChDir - Specifies the new FTP current folder
  • FTPConnect - Makes a connection to the specified FTP server
  • FTPCurrentDir - Returns the FTP current folder
  • FTPDisconnect - Terminates the connection to a FTP server
  • FTPExistDir - Checks if the specified FTP folder exists or not
  • FTPExistFile - Checks if the specified FTP file exists or not
  • FTPGetFile - Downloads one or several files to the local PC from the FTP server
  • FTPKill - Deletes one or several files from the FTP server
  • FTPMkDir - Creates a folder on the FTP server
  • FTPName - Renames one or several files in the FTP server
  • FTPPutFile - Uploads one or several files from the local PC to a FTP folder
  • FTPRmDir - Deletes a folder and its contents on the FTP server
I'm particularly pleased with the new FTP functions. Our systems use FTP a lot - these new features will make it much easier to set up test conditions, and verify output.

Here are the release notes for version 3.7:

Check this tool out at

You can see some of my WinTask utility scripts here, using the WinTask tag.