July 29, 2009

Optimists, Pessimists, and a Terrific Comic Strip

If you've read my article comparing Optimistic Developers to Pessimistic Testers (http://strazzere.blogspot.com/2010/04/optimistic-developers-pessimistic.html), then you know that the topic interests me.

And you can imagine how pleased I was to stumble across this particular comic strip. *
Urban Jungle by David Wilborn

The main protagonist of Urban Jungle is a developer named Zack.  According to the website:
Zack is the only human being in an office full of animals. He does software development for a large pharmaceutical company. Single, thirty-something, and hanging on to the last shreds of his optimism. He was raised by wolves.
Good stuff!  You should definitely check it out.

Note that I haven't yet figured out what the QA Tester character is supposed to be:
  • an opossum?
  • a rat?
  • a weasel?
I guess any of them could be appropriate!

I've asked the artist.  I'll post his reply once I get it.

Update:  According to David (the artist) her name is Sharon, and "she's a possum".  Apparently, Sharon is a somewhat pessimistic possum.  I like it!

* My friend "The Director" at http://qahatesyou.com points out that I "stumbled across" this excellent comic strip through his site. I think he's right, but in my defense I look at lots of blogs/sites in the early morning hours.  Sometimes I'm lucky if I can remember if I drank my coffee or not.  Don't hate on a fellow QAer, now!