March 24, 2007

Palm Trees in the Outfield!

We vacationed in Florida last week and while we were there, we took in a Red Sox Spring Training game.

I have to say it was a lot of fun!

I'm not a big baseball fan, and only get to a few games at Fenway Park. But it was a bit odd seeing the palm trees as a backdrop to the ball field.

I hadn't realized that the games would all be sold out, so I was only able to buy standing room only tickets. It turned out to be a really good idea anyway.

Where we stood against a wall along left field we were very close to the players ("Hey Manny!") and could still turn around and watch as some of the players left after the third inning to go to their cars and drive home ("Hey Coco, up here!").

So we got to see lots of the Red Sox of the present, a few Red Sox of the past (we saw Louis Tiant), and some Red Sox players of the future.

We also saw a minor celebrity. As we were getting to our spot in left field, we walked by a woman. My son said "Do you know who that is?" Turns out her name is Jessamy Finet and she was one of the extras in the movie Fever Pitch.

We enjoyed the game, the weather, the beaches, the pool. Nice vacation!