April 7, 2007

Perhaps They Should Have Tested More - Yahoo! Japan

So we weren't supposed to delete the e-mail messages that were not junk mail? 
Oops!  Perhaps they should have tested more.

Yahoo Japan mistakenly deletes 4.5 mil. e-mails
The Yomiuri Shimbun

Yahoo Japan Corp. accidentally deleted about 4.5 million e-mails sent to 275,600 users due to a mistake in its e-mail service system, the company said.

Yahoo allows users to exchange e-mail messages for free without using an e-mail software.  According to the company, most of the deleted e-mails were received between Dec. 26 and Feb. 25.

The system usually removes e-mails deemed "junk mail" from its server about 40 days after the e-mails are received.  However, it wrongly deleted e-mails that should have been kept on the server.

The company discovered the mistake after receiving complaints from users that they could not open certain e-mails they had received.
(Apr. 8, 2007)