August 8, 2006

Perhaps They Should Have Tested More - KDDI Corp.

KDDI phones hit by e-mail glitch

Two mobile phone models sold by KDDI Corp. automatically switch off after sending or receiving certain e-mail characters, the major phone carrier said Monday.

The malfunction is blamed on a software flaw and KDDI sales outlets are now fixing the handsets when turned in by customers.

The phones are the W42CA model made by Casio Computer Co. and the W42H model made by Hitachi Ltd., which were sold between late June and July. Combined sales stood at some 96,300 units as of Saturday.

The mobile phones shut down after receiving or sending the "%," "n" and "S" characters.

The basic software was developed jointly by Casio and Hitachi.
The Japan Times: Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006