July 4, 2006

Perhaps They Should Have Tested More - Manitoba Lotteries

Casino blames computer glitch for jackpot

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, July 4 (UPI) -- Two Canadian men are demanding a Winnipeg casino pay out the jackpot promised in error by a nickel slot machine.

The Manitoba Lotteries Corp. says the message that the men had won almost $210,000 ($190,000 U.S.) was a software error because the nickel machines usually do not have payouts above $3,000.

But attorney Josh Weinstein told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. there was no sign on the machine giving a maximum payout. He says the men were promised 4 million nickels for successfully matching five numbers on the Keno machine.

"It's our position that it's not a mistake that my clients should be paying for, if it was a mistake," he said. "We don't have results of independent testing."