August 14, 2008

Perhaps They Should Have Tested More - Netflix

Still waiting for your copy of Rambo, 27 Dresses, or The Bucket List to arrive from Netflix?  You may be waiting a while, and you may not be alone.

If you were expecting to receive your Netflix DVDs in the past few days, you may need to wait a bit.
  • Its worst technical outage ever
  • All 55 shipping centers affected
  • Three days of missed DVD shipments
  • May lose $1.8 to $4.6M in revenue
Perhaps you should consider watching preseason Football instead?

From Netflix:
"We were able to ship some DVDs from about half of our distribution centers yesterday but we haven’t yet been able to resume shipping this morning. Our engineers continue to work around the clock to restore normal operations. In the meantime, we’re notifying affected customers via personal email and we’ve posted a notice on the Netflix Web site. We’re as frustrated about this as you are and we once again apologize for the inconvenience."
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