June 10, 2009

Project Completion Lunch and Awards

After many months of hard work, we recently completed a big project.

We released a new version of our system with support for 529 Plans (tax-advantaged college savings plans).

And we were able to time it so that our 529 release occurred on 5/29! (Ok, so while we started releasing the 529 code on 5/29, it took so long that we actually finished on 5/29 at around 54 o'clock - it was still quite a nice accomplishment.)

Recently, we have started celebrating some major releases by taking the project team out to lunch and handing out awards. They are meant to be humorous, and are usually accompanied by a bit of ceremony and a little story about why that particular award was chosen.

For this release, the awards were selected by the VP of Development. She did a great job.

There were some very funny awards. The graphics designer got a mini Etch-A-Sketch. The lead developer got a toy Iron Man. I was the sole QAer on the project. When it came my turn, I was presented with an "Extreme Bug Vacuum". Very nice!

I like this new tradition.