January 1, 2006

Test Data - Company Names

AAR Corp Hardware, Abscoa Division
Abacus Programming Corporation
Abberley Kooiman
Abbett Electric Corp
Abbey Press Inc
Bachman Information System, Inc.
Back Stage Magazine
Baker & McKenzie
Balfour Maclaine International
Ball & Socket Mfg Co
Caco-Pacific Corp.
Cadbury Beverages Div Cadbury
Cahn Instruments Inc
Cal-Pac Roofing Inc
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank
Daisy of California
Daley Business Forms
Dame Belts & Bag Co Inc
Dana Marketing Inc
East Bay Brass Foundry
East Coast Traders
East/West Computers Inc
Eastern Municipal Water Distri
Eastman Kodak Company Health Sciences Division
Facts on File Newsletter
Family Magazine
Fedder RP Corp
Fell David H & Company, Inc
Ferrara Foods & Confections
G Group
G-L Veneer Co Inc.
Galbreath Co
Gallo Ernst & Julio Winery
Gamblers Anonymous
Halcyon Assoc
Hambro International Venture F
Hardy James G & Co
Harkavy Information Service
Harken Marketing Co
IBIS Systems Inc.
IBK Capital Inc
IBM Corp Data Systems Div
ICM Corp
ImageTek Corp
Jadow B & Sons Inc
Jaff Brothers Woodworks Inc
Jaff Brothers Woodworks Inc
Jandel Scientific Inc.
Japanese American Citizens Lea
K & S Contractors Supply Co
Kahlert Assoc Inc
Kaiser Steel Resources Inc
Karabelas Furs Inc
Karpen & Steel Products Inc
La Costa Hotel & Spa
Lafferty RF & Co Inc
Lake County
Lakeland Village
Lexidata Corporation
Madonna Construction Co
Magma Power Co
Magna Mill Products
Majestic Entertainment
Mall Side Sports
N/S Corp
Nardon Mfg Company Incorporated
Nash Direct
National Assn of Printing Ink
Nixdorf Computer
O'Keeffe's Inc
O-Cel-O Div General Mills Inc.
Oakland Carbide Engineering &
Ocean Sports
Ocean Sports Wear
P & C Food Markets Inc
PacDevco Inc
Pace Press Inc
Purity-Supreme, Inc.
Quadrex Corp
Quaker Fashions
Queensborough Public Library
Quinn/Brein Inc
Quota Systems, Inc.
R-F Industries Inc
Raceway Engines
Raleigh Active Wear
Raleigh Co.
Ralston Inc.
Sabena-Belgian World Airlines
Safeway Plumbing & Heating Inc
Saint John's University Staten
Star Markets
State House Active Wear
Tapecon Inc
TDA Industries Inc
TEAC Corp. of America
Tech Fire & Safety Company
UBAF Arab American Bank
UniAmerica Inc
Union Flights
United Artists Theater Circuit
United Can Co.
Veritas Software
Via Systems
Volga Boats
Wally's World 
Westend Dealers
Westinghouse Corporation
Wind & Rain
Wyse Corp.
Yesterday Productions Corp.
Ziff-Davis Labs
Zoo Gift Shop