August 30, 2007

What do Testers do? Some Job Description snippets.

Often people ask what Testers do.

Based on these snippets of actual Job Descriptions from, our jobs are rather varied.

Also, it's pretty clear that some people writing job postings
  • Don't bother to include a Job Description at all
  • Seem to assume that the Job Title is all that is needed to convey the description of the job
  • Write Job Descriptions that couldn't possibly appeal to anyone
  • Don't care much about spelling or grammar
  • Don't distinquish between a Job Description and Job Requirements

This group’s responsibilities is to test and support a Windows/ Linux based platform who’s application is written in C/C++.
Grammar skills not required.

Decompose functional requirements for ecommerce web applications
Be proactive in raising and resolving requirement issues/questions
Gain a firm understanding of business rules and new features being implemented
Prepare and execute test plans
Write and execute manual and automated test cases
Document and retest defects
Maintain a library of created test cases, updating cases as needed
Decompose, be proactive, gain understanding...

DB2 Mainframe
Developing and executing test plans, test cases, and test data
TSO, File Aid, SPUFI, QMF mainframe tools
Looks like a SPUFI job to me!

2+ years Silk Test Scripting experience
Performance Test Planning, test script development, test execution
Coordinate with other support teams to provide comprehensive test results
Maintain test documentation
Demonstrate continuous improvement in QA processes
Strong communication skills
Strong QA test methodologies
Knowledge of Silk Performer tool
Is "Strong QA test methodologies" a task, a skill, or...?

The canddiates will be responsible for manual (and ultimately automated) testing, which will include system and regression testing. will be responsible for testing user interfaces which are both client/server and web based. Most of the time the people will not be looking at files. Mostly execution of test plans/scripts/ etc, but will ultimately be involved in test plan creation/test script creation/etc. The [W] system is client/server, The [X] system is a combo of client/server, Smalltalk and Cobol/DB2. The [Y}system is Smalltalk with client/server interface to M/F DBMS and the [Z] system is a client server application.
Canddiates - are these the same people who "will not be looking at files"?

Localization software validation of specific language in various PC platforms and components, plus logging, fixing, and tracking defects to closure.
I'm guessing the "specific language" is not English.

Thoroughly test software applications in a highly complex Unix client/server environment. The position will require the candidate to participate in the design, testing, and verification of Unix Host and Web server applications. The QA Engineer will also be responsible for writing test plans, documenting bugs, and communicating with Development, Operations, and Product Management.
Communicating is always a good thing.  Will my Smoke Signal skills come in handy?

This person will be responsible for the Test Case Design - designing test cases based on a written statement of requirements, software structure and business or operational scenarios. This person will be responsible for the implementation and execution of test plans/scripts for all stages of the product development lifecycle, following company defined processes and methods. This person will be responsible for using Test tools - Performance of testing using capture/playback tools for automated regression testing; defect tracking tools; performance/load testing tools; manual tools such as check lists, test scripts, and decision tables. This person will be involved in defect management; this person will identify, investigate, report and track metrics on defects and test results. This person will coordinate evaluation of test outcomes with appropriate teams. This person will overall test environment management. This person will be involved in the testing and coordination with other regions for [X] applications. Automating Regression test cases using QTP/WR is involved.
"This person" is just one person, right?  Maybe a real people person?

Candidate will perform system testing activities within the [X] baseline application. This will include defect testing as well as enhancement testing which may involve the creation and execution of system test scripts. Varying skill levels may require analysis to determine changes needed to the [X] product for various system modifications including creating use case designs and/or writing system test script documents.
Varying skill levels may require analysis.  But what if I only have one skill level, and it doesn't vary often?

This person will be responsible for testing a next-generation Electronic Trading platform for the Retail Sales and Trading business. This person will follow Standard Testing methodologies; and will ensure that product quality meets the stringent requirements of a revenue-critical, real-time trading system. This person will identify and monitor to resolution risks and defects in software development. This is a critical role for successful delivery of a major technology platform build out for a trading desk. The job will require very close interaction with sales and trading business as well as technology professionals, understand complex trading flows.
Not just close interaction, but "very close interaction".  Hmm...

Your role will be to lead the flawless implementation of a variety of projects, ranging from new and enhanced products and services to business applications. In this capacity you will be interacting with leaders in technology, user groups, and senior management. Depending on ability, you will also have the opportunity to be involved in ongoing process analysis and optimization, conducting training, and supporting the implementation and maintenance of a change management process.
I've never had the chance to lead a flawless implementation before!  Does this mean I'm fired as soon as I write my first bug report?

Responsibilities include developing test plans & test cases, ensuring traceability to functional requirements, executing functional and regression testing at an application and system level for new or modified software and reporting defects identified. Candidate will resolve issues as they pertain to the departmental goal of providing quality work. Candidate will interact with other departments to improve quality of software, communication and service to our client-base.
It's nice to know the department has a goal of providing quality work.  Perhaps they even mean high-quality.

Manual and automated testing within a team of top notch QA testers
Light web development work (HTML, JavaScript)
Create test plans, and execute test cases
Work with Engineers, Technical Leads, and Managers to maintain the highest possible levels of quality
Wow - the highest possible levels!  Can't get any higher. No use trying.

The expected functions will include black box testing following existing test plans and write test plans, designing new test cases, operating automated test suits, and analyzing defect reports. He/she will perform leadership duties for the QA intern team.
These are the expected functions.  But it's the unexpected functions I always worry about.

QA testing/manual testing for various software projects.
Not just QA testing, but manual testing as well.  I wonder how they tell the difference?

This person needs to be able to see a working implementation and be able to create a demo UI and test the interface.
Why, I think I see one now!  No wait... it's not actually working.