January 1, 2005

WinTask - GetSystemMetrics

' GetSystemMetrics
' Author: Joe Strazzere

Dim Sysm$(100)
Sysm$(0)="Screen width"
Sysm$(1)="Screen height"
Sysm$(2)="Vertical scroll bar width"
Sysm$(3)="Horizontal scroll bar height"
Sysm$(4)="Titlebar height"
Sysm$(5)="Border width"
Sysm$(6)="Border height"
Sysm$(7)="Dialog Frame width"
Sysm$(8)="Dialog Frame height"
Sysm$(9)="Vertical scroll bar thumb height"
Sysm$(10)="Horizontal scroll bar thumb width"
Sysm$(11)="Icon width"
Sysm$(12)="Icon height"
Sysm$(13)="Cursor width"
Sysm$(14)="Cursor height"
Sysm$(15)="Menu height"
Sysm$(16)="Full-Screen width"
Sysm$(17)="Full-Screen height"
Sysm$(18)="Kanji Window height"
Sysm$(19)="Mouse present flag. 0=mouse not present"
Sysm$(20)="Vertical scroll bar height"
Sysm$(21)="Horizontal scroll bar width"
Sysm$(22)="Debug flag. 0=no Debug version installed"
Sysm$(23)="Mouse buttons swapped flag. 0=not swapped"
Sysm$(28)="Minimum width of a window"
Sysm$(29)="Minimum height of a window"
Sysm$(30)="Sizing button width"
Sysm$(31)="Sizing button height"
Sysm$(32)="Thick Frame width"
Sysm$(33)="Thick Frame height"
Sysm$(34)="Min x tracking size of a window"
Sysm$(35)="Min y tracking size of a window"
Sysm$(36)="Mouse double click area width"
Sysm$(37)="Mouse double click area height"
Sysm$(38)="Icon spacing width"
Sysm$(39)="Icon spacing height"
Sysm$(40)="Menu Drop Alignment flag. 0=popup menus appear to left"
Sysm$(41)="Pen Windows flag. 0=Pen extensions not installed"
Sysm$(42)="DBCS enabled flag. 0=no DBCS"
Sysm$(43)="Number of mouse buttons"
Sysm$(44)="Security active flag.  0=Security not active"
Sysm$(45)="3D Window Border width"
Sysm$(46)="3D Window Border length"
Sysm$(47)="Minimized window grid x spacing"
Sysm$(48)="Minimized window grid y spacing"
Sysm$(49)="Small icon width"
Sysm$(50)="Small icon height"
Sysm$(51)="Height of small caption"
Sysm$(52)="Width of small caption button"
Sysm$(53)="Height of small caption button"
Sysm$(54)="Width of button on menu bar"
Sysm$(55)="Height of button on menu bar"
Sysm$(56)="Minimized icon arrange flags"
Sysm$(57)="Minimized window rectangle width"
Sysm$(58)="Minimized window rectangle height"
Sysm$(59)="Maximum resize tracking width"
Sysm$(60)="Maximum resize tracking height"
Sysm$(61)="Default width of maximized window"
Sysm$(62)="Default height of maximized window"
Sysm$(63)="Bit 0 set if network present"
Sysm$(64)="#64 ???"
Sysm$(65)="#65 ???"
Sysm$(66)="#66 ???"
Sysm$(67)="Bootmode  0=Normal, 1=Safe Mode,2=Safe Mode with Network Support"
Sysm$(68)="Mouse Drag-and-Drop area width"
Sysm$(69)="Mouse Drag-and-Drop area height"
Sysm$(70)="Force visible propmpt with sounds. 0=don't show visible sound cue"
Sysm$(71)="Menu check mark width"
Sysm$(72)="Menu check mark length"
Sysm$(73)="System too slow for effective use. 0=system is OK"
Sysm$(74)="Hebrew and Arabic are enabled. 0=not enabled"
Sysm$(75)="Number of available sys metrics"
Sysm$(76)="#76 ???"
Sysm$(77)="#77 ???"
Sysm$(78)="#78 ???"
Sysm$(79)="#79 ???"
Sysm$(80)="#80 ???"

while i < 81
  comment(Str$(i)+" "+SysM$(i)+": "+Str$(External("user32","GetSystemMetrics",i)))