July 12, 2010

Go West, Young Man!

One year ago this week, my younger son had just graduated from college and landed his first full-time job.  He was a Software Engineer, developing systems marketed to travel agencies for a small division of a large global company.  It was a great first job.  He worked hard, and learned a lot.

Just one year later, he accepted a new position!  He's now a Software Engineer at a startup in California.  They work in the mobile application space, are a very young company, and are based in San Francisco.

My son sold off his car, and most of his larger possessions, then shipped out the rest.  We dropped him off at the airport last week, and now he's moved.  It seems so quick...

He sent back a few emails, so we know he's enjoying himself so far.  He's found some interesting places to eat, has already connected with the volleyball community in his area, likes his work environment, and has a nice apartment.  Life is good.

While we are sad that we won't see him as often, we know that this was an opportunity that he just couldn't refuse.  It's right up his alley, doing the kind of work that he loves doing.  And it's in a great part of the country.

My wife and I are very, very proud.  We'll miss him, and we look forward to his visit back home for the holidays.

My name is Joe Strazzere and I'm currently a Director of Quality Assurance.
I like to lead, to test, and occasionally to write about leading and testing.


  1. Joe,

    I know the feeling, except I was the son who moved away. Twenty three years ago I left Denver for Los Angeles. I think you'll find he will miss you and your wife as much, if not more than you miss him.

    I did of my parents. It's tough letting them go. My daughter is 11 now and I dread the day she goes off to college, and then eventually off on her own.

    Just know that each visit home he makes will be a special one. Take care buddy. Best to you.


  2. Thanks, Jim!

    Right now, it does feel like he is simply off to college again. He's got far too much going on in his life to miss us much right now. That's ok.

    And don't dread sending your daughter off to school. Think of the pride, knowing that you've given her a terrific start to her life, with great opportunities. I think that's our role as good parents.

  3. Joe,

    Always & I mean always a pleasure to read your blog - be it "quality" related or anything else ... keep writing :-)

    -- Sachin

  4. Nice to hear from you again, Sachin! You are too kind. I see that you have a blog of your own now, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your writings.