August 23, 2010

Browser Compatibility Testing

Bachelor number two: which Disney character best describes you - Mickey Mouse, The Beast, Goofy, or Winnie the Pooh?

My name is Joe Strazzere and I'm currently a Director of Quality Assurance.
I like to lead, to test, and occasionally to write about leading and testing.
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  1. I was unable to post the comment in some of the old links which dates back to 2006, so posting my comment here.

    I was blown away by the list of "general input tests" you have compiled. The interesting part is that even after 4 years you published those test data they could be used in a project even today.

    I am cursing myself for not following your blog. Anyways from today I shall go thru each article one bye one.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful information Joe.


  2. Thank you for the kind words, Sharath!
    I'm glad you find some of the posts useful.