August 17, 2010

We are Acquired

We just found out that our company has been acquired.

It's not a surprise; we pretty much knew that this was the strategy, that sooner or later we'd need to be part of a much bigger company.  That time is now.

Having worked at many smaller companies, as well as several startups, I've been through the acquisition routine before.  Sometimes it works out really well, sometimes not so much.

The folks from the acquiring company were here, talking about their organization.  They all seem nice enough, and there are certainly many more opportunities in the larger company for all of us to grow and prosper.

Right now we are in the uncertain, slightly uneasy stage.  I'm sure there will be some change eventually, but for now, everything is staying as is.  Still, we keep thinking:
  • How will our roles change?
  • Will they leave our organizational structure in place?
  • Will we stay in our current building?
  • Will we like working for a much larger company?
  • Will they like us?
In some respects, it's like interviewing for a new job.  Except that you have already been hired and you're just not exactly sure what your job is, who your boss is, and where you have to go to work every day.

I'll be working hard over the upcoming days and weeks to make our transition easier on the team in whatever way I can.  Meanwhile, we will try to keep our current projects on track.

This will be interesting.

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  1. Good luck with it. These things usually come w/ a combination of pain and opportunities. I hope you end up w/ more of the latter.

  2. Hey, man. Haven't checked in for a while. Been out of the testing arena doing some new stuff. I haven't seen an update to your acquisition saga. Any updates? Same stuff, different leadership?

    Sorry if I missed a post somewhere. Hope things are working out.


  3. Thanks for the question, chad.

    So far, it's been "interesting" and a lot of work (my excuse for why I haven't written as many blgo articles as I would have liked).

    I hope to write a follow-up soon. I'm trying to figure out how to write about the differences between the former small-company culture and the new large-company culture - without getting myself in trouble.