October 16, 2010

Periodicals for my Kindle using Calibre

I purchased a Kindle a few weeks ago, and I've really enjoyed it.  Recently, I learned how to use Calibre to enjoy my Kindle even more.

Calibre is a free, open-source tool for managing libraries of e-books.  But it also has some features that work particularly well for me.
  • Calibre can download news from almost any website
  • Calibre can convert content to many e-book formats
  • Calibre can email e-books to any address
  • All of this can be scheduled

Using these features, I can now have almost anything from the web delivered to my Kindle as a Periodical.

For example, I currently have Calibre set up to send me my daily fix of New England Patriots news:
  • I have Calibre "recipes" set up to fetch Patriots news from The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald
  • Each are scheduled to run at 5:30 AM every day
  • The downloaded content is converted to an e-book in .MOBI format
  • The e-books are automatically emailed to my Amazon free.kindle.com email account
  • Amazon converts the .MOBI file to .AZW (native Kindle) format, and sends it out to my Kindle via Wi-Fi
  • Once I turn my Kindle on in the morning, it automatically syncs up and downloads these e-books as Kindle Periodicals, for reading later during the day

It's like having my favorite part of the sports sections tucked into my bag for me, as I leave for work.  And it's all free (I'm a big fan of free).  When I'm away on vacation, I'll get to read about the Patriots every day, without having to hunt down the out-of-town newspaper stand.

The same process will work for almost any online news source (newspapers, magazines, blogs).  I'll certainly be adding a few of them over time.

Customized periodicals delivered to my Kindle automatically.  Nice!


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