January 20, 2011

Beta Tester Opportunities For Better Testers

A while back I posted about being a Beta Tester

Beta testing can be a nice way to enhance your skills as a tester, and perhaps add to your resume.
Here are a few more opportunities.  As always, be careful out there in Beta land.


The Launchpad team runs a continuous beta program, as well as special beta test campaigns.
You can get access to the beta program by joining the Launchpad beta testers team. There are close to 2,000 beta testers and we encourage enthusiastic users to join that team to get the very latest functionality in Launchpad.


We recently announced the public launch of the new StatCounter site which is currently undergoing beta testing.

Zenph RED

We're extending invitations to beta test RED (working name), Zenph’s innovative new music editing software. RED allows users to edit high-resolution MIDI files for Yamaha Disklavier Pro and Disklavier Pianos. You can read more about RED here. Beginning March 1, 2011, beta testers will be able to download RED through Zenph.com. All we ask in return is that you post your feedback to a forum.


Want to join the Beta Test? I’m looking for active Twitter users who would ideally have a blog to test both the Widget and their Twitoaster profile page. 

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