March 27, 2011

It's National Joe Day!

National Joe Day

Apparently, March 27th is National Joe Day!  Not just Local Joe Day, or even Regional Joe Day - National Joe Day.  It's kind of a big deal (well, maybe not).

And according to e-How, on National Joe Day you can:
Wake up on March 27 and introduce yourself to everyone as Joe. If you are a girl, Joe is short for your old name. If you are a boy, Joe is short for your old name as well. You are a new person. You are no longer strapped down to that name you have been carrying around all these years. Throw off the old name and become Joe for a day.
And if you decided to sleep in today, you can always choose to celebrate Something On A Stick Day tomorrow!

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Special thanks to Yvette ("Joe for a day") Francino for the email tipping me off about this special occasion.
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  1. Hi my name is joe, what's your name? ;-)

  2. Welcome, fellow Joe!