March 13, 2011

Perhaps They Should Have Tested More - Apple Again?

Have iPhones failed to make the Daylight Saving Time transition yet again?

If you remember, back in November, iPhone alarms weren't triggering correctly.  Perhaps the issues still have not yet been fixed?
  • Improperly adjusting to Daylight Saving Time in the U.S.
  • Both Verizon and AT&T phones
  • Some phones adjusted 1 hour in the wrong direction

Here's some help, Apple:
Spring Forward
Fall Back
Spring Forward
Fall Back
Spring Forward
Fall Back
lather, rinse, repeat...

See how it repeats itself?  It happens this way every single year!  Remember this as there will be a test later. Perhaps you should have studied more.

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  1. One thing that strikes me, is that I think I remember my iPhone switching correctly for German DST changes last year. We are switching this Sunday, so I will take an eye for it. But if it works for me, what would you conclude about the origin of the bug?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Markus!

    I wouldn't conclude anything if your alarms happen to work correctly for you on Sunday. I'd need to do real testing with more than one phone, in order to reach any conclusions as there are far too many possibilities.

    Is there something you would conclude about the origins?

  3. I dont have issues on mine, but i guess this is a good idea in learning it very deeply.