May 20, 2011

Amazon AdMash - Crowdsourced A/B Testing on the Kindle

Yesterday, Amazon released a new Kindle Game/Thing with Active Content called AdMash:
Step into the driver's seat and tell us which sponsored screensavers you'd like to see on Kindle with Special Offers. Anyone can vote; it's fun and easy. 
Here's how it works. AdMash will show you two different screensavers and then ask you to vote for the one you like best. Scrutinize them or go with your gut, it's up to you. Once you've made your choice, it's on to the next round. The ones that get the most votes can become Kindle Sponsored Screensavers. It's up to you and the rest of the community to pick your favorites. 
Download AdMash and start voting now. Play as often as you like and we'll keep adding new screensavers for you to vote on.
This is an interesting way to get A/B Testing done on some potential advertisements.

  • Easy? Yes, quite easy.
  • Fun? Meh, pretty boring if you ask me!
  • Play? Not really my idea of play.

Pretty clever - enlisting the hoards of Kindle users in tuning up ads - crowdsourcing.

I'm a bit surprised that Amazon isn't offering something in return for folks using this "app" and providing valuable feedback.  It wouldn't need to be much to keep people working on it - a free download, a gift coupon, etc.

Perhaps they are already getting enough responses such that rewards aren't even needed?


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  1. I think Amazon have missed a trick here, some kind of prize or voucher would have made it abit more interesting to people who have to try this out. Maybe someone within Amazon might be reading this now and is already knocking on the promotional door with the idea.