May 24, 2011

A new Free Kindle Game - Thread Words

Amazon released yet another new (free) game for the Kindle - Thread Words.
Thread Words is a word search game for Kindle. 
Your goal is to find words in a 5 high grid of letters. Find words by selecting one letter from each column. On each level there are ten pairs of shapes. Make words matching each shape on the left with the same shape on the right to unlock the next level. After matching all shapes you can continue to find the rest of the words for a higher score or immediately move on to the next level. 
The game progresses through 4 levels of difficulty, with grids that increase from 4 to 7 letters across. Each word you find is worth 20 points per letter, and if you find all of the qualifying words you get an 800 point bonus! Try to beat the clock or take your time in relaxed mode. The game tracks separate high scores for each mode. 
I really enjoyed this one.  I seem to like pretty much all the Kindle games in the "word puzzle game" category. I haven't yet been able to complete the 7-letter-word level, but I'm still trying.

If I were a believer in puzzle-style interview tests, this would be one that I'd use.  Instead, it might be a good vocabulary builder, or it might just be fun.

Note: This game was free at the time I downloaded it from Amazon.  As with all free items, you must check before you download, since it may no longer be free.

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  1. I am loving this game and hooked to it. I have got locked at level 5 for lack of one word! Hoping to resume soon and unlock it. I am afraid I wont use the Kindle to read but just to play this game :D

  2. Thanks, Manjusha.

    I was finally able to get all the way through level 7. Of all the free Kindle Games, this one remains my favorite.

    1. I am stuck on 2 words level 7. Help. The one under depress and under tearing

    2. Whenever I got stuck, I would put it down and pick it up the next day. It's amazing what a fresh outlook can do sometimes.

    3. AnonymousMay 02, 2012

      Level 7 had a non-word or a slang word, "heppist" I had to write down every possible combination of words to fit between 2 words alphabetically before finally getting this puzzle completed!

  3. AnonymousJune 22, 2012

    level 6 HELP

  4. I have been playing this game a long time and I love it. It is a great time killer when waiting in an airport, etc. Like crossword puzzles, you get better with practice and knowing what words to look for- like all variations of endings. Anyone know what are the most possible points you can get?