May 11, 2011

Tools I've Been Using A Lot Lately

It's good to have lots of tools in your toolbox.  But I tend go through periods of time where I'm using a smaller set of tools a large percent of the time.

For instance, lately we've been using these tools quite a bit:

We use WinTask for most of our website automation tasks, regression tests, etc.  It's very easy to use, yet amazingly powerful.

Our systems tend to have fairly comprehensive logs which provide a lot of useful information for analyzing the results of tests.  BareTail makes it easy to watch several logs simultaneously, and highlight areas of interest.

Our systems tend to have a lot of configuration files.  BareGrep makes it easy to search through them and find the desired settings.

PL/SQL Developer
We use this for pretty much all of our analysis of database activity, for creating test data, for testing stored procedures, etc.

Often our testing involves comparing the recent output to baselines.  Sometimes the output comes from our system-under-test, sometimes the output is created during our automated tests. WinMerge makes comparison with the baseline, and analysis of the differences, very efficient.

We keep our development and test assets (Requirements, Specs, Test Plans, Schedules, Checklists, etc) in SharePoint.

Our bug-tracking tool of choice.


We're currently using MWSnap for screenshots, typically for attaching to bug reports.

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  1. Its great to hear about some new tools. Thanks!

  2. Claire NguyenMay 21, 2011

    Thank you for the post, I was looking for tools like BareTail and BareGrep.

  3. Glad you liked it. I use BareTail every day.

    1. Do you script automated testing using BareGrep'scommand line capability?

    2. Actually, I haven't tried that. I'll have to look into it.

  4. Joe, any thoughts on building your own bug tracking software under sharepoint using microsoft infopath? I've considered this, I've also considered just keeping bugzilla and datamining it from sharepoint to do other forms... but, sadly, sharepoint doesn't play well with mySql so therefore I seem to be screwed. Any ideas of a work around?

    1. Sorry, Bryan. So far, we have chosen not to try and interface Bugzilla and SharePoint. We had considered using some SharePoint forms for our bug tracking, but we don't have the in-house expertise to make it come out better than just sticking with Bugzilla.

  5. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    Hi Joe,

    Any performance tool you are using?


    1. Tzafi - lately, we've mostly used internally-developed tools for the little performance testing we've been doing.

      We have used OpenSTA in the past. That worked out pretty well.

  6. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    Thanks Job for your prompt reply and congratulation too!
    I'm looking for a performance open source tool which will not require to write much of scripting...any knowledge about this kind of tool beside Jmeter?

    1. Sorry, no.

      OpenSTA can record scripts quickly, so doesn't require much script writing. Other than that, I don't have a suggestion for an open source tool.