July 14, 2011

Kayaking on Nutting Lake, Billerica

Nutting Lake, Billerica

A few weeks ago we were able to kayak in a new location - Nutting Lake in Billerica. It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning.  The lake was calm, and just a few folks were out fishing or paddling their canoes.

Nutting Lake is split in two by a road, and unfortunately the water level was too high to fit under the bridge between the two halves.  Still, the half we did get on was really nice.  Perhaps we'll go back and put in on the other side.

When I was growing up, Nutting Lake was shallow, weed-choked, and somewhat polluted.  Thankfully, the character of the area has changed dramatically.  Town sewage cured the pollution problem, the lake was dredged, and people fish and swim here.  Very nice!

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