August 29, 2011

How To Sell Testing - You Should Read This!

How to Sell Testing by Jim Hazen

Jim Hazen has written an excellent article "The secret skill – How to sell testing" in the August 2011 issue of Software Test & Quality Assurance Magazine. You can get it at (free registration required).

I particularly liked how he listed some of the constituents being served
  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Technical Support/IT & Customer Services
  • End User
  • C-Level and Senior Management
what they need from QA/Testing, and the kind of language that should be used to convey that information.

According to the bio in the article:
"Jim Hazen is a veteran of the software testing trenches. He has over twenty years of experience testing applications on the PC and Web platforms. Mr. Hazen has been involved with the startup of testing groups at multiple companies and has done consulting work for the last 10 years. He has helped clients implement tools for functional automation, performance testing and test management. And worked with clientele management to achieve efficiency gains and the financial benefits associated to testing. Mr. Hazen has been a speaker at QA and test conferences."
Jim is a really smart guy, and a long-time friend. When it comes to QA, Testing, Test Automation, and Diving - he knows his stuff.

Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Joe. I always enjoy hearing Jim's insights and he's got a great sense of humor to boot.


  2. Hi,
    Have you ever read "Testing Experience" and "Agile record" journals?

  3. No, kwtrio - I've never heard of these journals.