August 22, 2011

I'm Voting For SQAForums!

Once again the Automated Testing Institute is conducting their annual "Automation Honors" voting. From their website:
The ATI Automation Honors celebrate the best in the discipline of software test automation. With these awards, automation practitioners determine who the nominees are and who takes home the prize.
In the category of "Best Automated Testing Forum" my vote goes to  

With over 190,000 registered members and numerous tool-specific and tool-agnostic forums, SQAForums is the best place I've found to ask questions and get answers about all facets of test automation, as well as general test and QA issues. And, I'm lucky enough to be one of the Moderators!

If you like SQAForums, as much as I do, you can go here to vote:

And if you haven't visited SQAForums yet, why not come and pay a visit at:

Tell them your friend Joe sent you!

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