August 30, 2011

A New Free Kindle Game - Jigsaw Words

Amazon released yet another new (free) game for the Kindle - Jigsaw Words.
Jigsaw Words is a word game that challenges you to combine groups of letters into words that match the clues given. 
In each Jigsaw Words puzzle, you start with a set of 10 clues. You also have a set of randomly arranged puzzle pieces with letters on them. Your goal is to solve the clues in the puzzle by arranging the puzzle pieces so that the letters form the word that matches each clue. Start with the easiest clues first. As you use each puzzle piece, it is removed from play, making it easier to find the more difficult matches. You can also shuffle the grid of puzzle pieces at any time for a different perspective. 
Jigsaw Words has 100 puzzles and each puzzle has 10 clues to solve. The puzzles are organized into 10 themed categories like Holidays and Animals, and you can use the theme to help you solve the clues. 
If you enjoy working with words and patterns, try Jigsaw Words and test your ability to build words today!
I don't care for this game as much as some of the other Kindle word games. For example, I like Thread Words a lot more.

Note: This game was free at the time I downloaded it from Amazon.  As with all free items, you must check before you download, since it may no longer be free.

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  1. i would like for it to be for the kindle fire to becaause cant play it on the fire