August 31, 2011

A New Version of WinTask - 3.8

WinTask 3.8 - now supports Firefox

The good folks at TaskWare have released a new version of the favorite tool in my toolbox - WinTask.

The big news here is that WinTask has now added support for Firefox 5 and above as well as for Internet Explorer 9!

A few new functions were also added:

  • EnabledHTMLElement, returns 1 if the specified HTML element is enabled, returns 0 if it is disabled
  • PreviousPage() simulates a Go previous page in the browser window which has the focus. 

Here is the vendor's version history of WinTask:

Check this tool out at

You can see some of my WinTask utility scripts here, using the WinTask tag.

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  1. Michael GlikSeptember 01, 2011

    Thank you, Joe,
    This reminds me Softbridge Macro Recorder of last century and necessitates a question of recording and playing back Windowless Windows application such as IE or Visual Studio (or my own ORACLE OpenScript). If it is indeed possible to record and playback Windowless Window Applications, I wonder how they do this. I am not asking for the proprietary technology, I am mostly just curious if WinTask uses an automation mechanism provided by the application vendors (JScript/JavaScript of FireFox and ActiveX/JScript/VBScript/Windows PowerShell) or have developed their own methodology (obviously more interesting as it does not depend on the application vendors manipulation of the market space and in my case I would not be forced to come up with such mechanism if we were to use WinTask).

    Also it would be interesting to know if they have extensibility language (in addition to their own interpreted language), so people can go "outside" to call and get results from such calls into their scripting environment.

    Thanks a lot: we may evaluate the tool.

  2. Hi, Michael.

    WinTask, while not specifically a test automation tool, is something I have used almost every day for many years. It's much better than the simple Macro Recorder. WinTask has a very powerful scripting language that reminds me a lot of Softbridge ATF (perhaps one of the reasons I like it so much).

    I'm not sure about Windowless Windows Applications. If there's a sample of one around, I could give it a quick try.

    WinTask does not reply on JScript/JavaScript/VBScript/PowerShell, etc.

    They do provide an External() function for extensibility (similar to what ATF had) which allows WinTask to use DLLs installed on the test machine.

    Good stuff - worth trying.

  3. Kevin GehrkeSeptember 20, 2011

    Hi Joe,
    I have been evaluating WinTask 3.8 for about a week and have found it is fairly useful. The thing I am having trouble with is working with a treeview. I gave it the command to expand a node in the tree and it says it did it, but when in fact it did not do it. I am using code similar to this:
    ret = ChooseItem(TreeView, "1", "node name", expand, left)
    msgbox (ret)

    The messagebox has a 0 in it meaning success, but then it wasn't really expanded. Maybe this is where the difference between a testing tool and a tool like WinTask differ. I can't really test that the node was indeed expanded.

  4. Hi Kevin!

    You may want to post your example on the WinTask Support Forum at

    They are VERY good about answering questions!

    Are you using Java Swing components, rather than a standard Windows Tree View here? That may be the issue.