October 11, 2011

Business Casual Confusion

That's me on the bottom-left, but not on Fridays.

Ok, I get that companies like to have dress codes. My company has a "business casual" dress code. Except...

  • We have "Casual Fridays" where folks can wear sneakers and jeans. copyrightjoestrazzere
  • For one week per year we have "Dress Down for Charity" where you can buy the privilege of wearing sneakers and jeans in return for a donation to charity.

So it's important to have this dress code, but it's not important on Friday, nor when you cough up a few bucks?

Sometimes I just don't understand the thinking behind these things.

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  1. Michael GlikOctober 12, 2011

    I work from home some days and go to the office the other days. The reason for going to the office is to see and meet with people, so I appreciate when people are dressed nicely and business-like.

    However, I can not imagine someone else deciding what "dressing nicely" means for me. As Joe remembers, I wore a suite only on my Interview when Joe offered me a job! That job I keep ever since because I can not imagine to put on a suite ever again (and because I dream that at some day I will be working with Joe again – at least he knows where to find me)!

    So for me Casual is the nicest as it can be...

  2. I've never got my head around this. If you choose to wear something different at work than you would at the weekend then why? (unless you're scuba diving / gardening etc!)

    What are you trying to prove? Surely it's about what you do and say rather than what you look like?

    People seem to make the predictable journey through life to ultimately wear what their parents probably wore - and I think it starts with work attire.

    If you don't have choice though, then fair enough.

  3. Thanks, Michael and Anonymous.

    While I may disagree about the specifics, I do understand the desire for companies to set a dress code.

    But I'm still confused about the lack of consistency between most days, Fridays, and Charity days. That part doesn't make much sense to me.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your article.