November 28, 2011

Book Recommendations for Testing Circus Magazine

Testing Circus Magazine - November 2011

Last month, I received an email from the good folks at Testing Circus Magazine. They recently started a monthly feature on "Testing book recommendations by testing celebrities", and asked if I would help.

Specifically, they wanted: copyrightjoestrazzere
  • A list of 2 books that you would recommend for other testers
  • 2 lines on why you'd recommend that book

While I'm certainly not a celebrity, I'm always happy to help. So I wrote back with my recommendations and reasoning. The results are in the November 2011 Issue of Testing Circus in the Book Worm's Corner on page 11.  Check it out at Enjoy!

And yes, they spelled my last name incorrectly.  No worries - with a name like Strazzere, I've seen lots worse! 

This article originally appeared in my blog: All Things Quality
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