November 22, 2011

Free Sites For Practicing Your Web Testing

If you miss a note, I'll whack you with this stick!

As the old joke goes: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice."

And how do you get to be a good Web Tester? Practice, Practice, Practice.

Here are some free web sites that might help.

ParkCalc Widget
A copy of the parking fee calculation widget from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

This "application" has some serious flaws, and has been the subject of lots of exploratory testing. Often the goal is to try and attain the highest parking fee you can, and discover the features/bugs in the widget along the way.

Read more here:

Brown & Donaldson (B&D) online brokerage Web site

The case study featured in The Web Testing Handbook by Steven Splaine & Stefan P. Jaskiel and the SQE Web testing training seminars.

B&D is a fictitious online brokerage firm created with the specific purpose of providing you with the opportunity to practice the Web testing techniques discussed in the book and training seminars, thereby gaining real-world interactive Web testing experience.

It even includes sample Requirements and Test Plans.

The Mercury Tours Web Site

Used in conjunction with the tutorials for some HP (formerly Mercury Interactive) products, such as QuickTest Pro.

Know of any other sites used for practicing your web testing craft? Shoot me a note, and I'll add them to the list!

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  1. though it's an old post I found it really helpful in planning a testers course.
    this link is not getting to the page - I think it is no longer in the blog:
    many thanks

  2. Thanks for the note. I'll update the page.