December 15, 2011

Get Some SQAForums Swag in 2012!

Join me and my 190,000 good friends at

The good people over at are giving stuff away!  Yes, stuff for free!

All you have to do is actively participate.  copyrightjoestrazzere
  • If you post 100 times in 2012, you get a Pen or Stress Ball!
  • If you post 200 times in 2012, you get a Mug or Tumbler!
  • If you post 300 times in 2012, you get a T-Shirt!
  • If you post 400 times in 2012, you get a Polo Shirt!
  • If you post 500 times in 2012, you get a Pullover or Sweatshirt!
  • If you post 1000 times in 2012, you get a Jacket!

Each of these is an official "SQAForums Limited Edition" item.

But even more than these rewards, you'll get to be part of a thriving community of professional testers from all over the world that is currently over 190,000 strong and growing! And of course, you'll find me there, helping to Moderate a few forums, answering a few questions, and asking a few of my own.

You'll also find Webinars, free blogs, job postings, and lots more.

Check out for this and other exciting news.

Won't you join me at in 2012?

This article originally appeared in my blog: All Things Quality
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  1. Nice post , I love your blog .. have been following for some time now..