December 14, 2011

Perhaps They Should Have Tested More - Windows Phone

Mang... oh, no!

A recent flaw in Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 allows certain SMS messages to cause the phone to reboot and come back up with the messaging hub disabled. It's kind of one better than the Google Android flaw which rebooted a phone in response to a simple texted message. In the case of Windows Phones, you get a reboot and a disabled service - a twofer! And the only way to cure the now-disabled messaging service is to reset the phone, and clear out all of its data.  copyrightjoestrazzere

Perhaps Microsoft should have tested more?

It does lead one to wonder - what messages might do that to a Windows Phone?  Here are a few guesses:
  • Reboot
  • SJobsRulz
  • URJustAZune
  • Mangle
  • QualityIsJob1
  • WhoNeedsSMS
  • IE9
  • PutPeopleFirst
  • Droid
  • Windows95

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  1. Windows_ME

  2. Ha! I had forgotten about Bob.

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