December 13, 2011

Sharing Lessons Learned

Good Lessons Are Meant To Be Shared

Yesterday, I posted a long-overdue report on my favorite book on QA and Testing: Lessons Learned in Software Testing.

I mentioned that I use it in group discussions with my Team. When I handed out copies of the book, I wrote up a few notes and put them inside the cover of each book. I talked about them during our first group discussion. I thought I'd share them with you.

Lessons Learned in Software Testing
The book is a gift to you.  Put your name on it and keep it for yourself.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

My thoughts on what we can do with this book.
1.       Of all the testing books I have ever read, I think this one is
a.       The most useful
b.      The most practical
c.      One of the easiest to read and understand
d.      Has a great Bibliography at the back copyrightjoestrazzere

2.       The authors are all smart, practical, thoughtful people.  They also write a lot of other things you might want to read.

3.       On the Dedication page, Anna Allison was a friend and co-worker who died in the first AA plane to crash into the world trade tower on 9/11

4.       Lots of lessons here
a.       You already know most of them!  (But you might not know that you know)
b.      Not all of them apply to us
c.       None of them are “gospel”, just ideas to talk about

5.       I thought we might go through a chapter at a time
a.       Spend 2 weeks reading a chapter and writing up a few notes
b.      Discuss what we see in our next bi-weekly meeting
c.       We don’t have to cover the chapters in order
d.      We don’t have to cover all chapters

6.       I hope this is
a.       Fun first
b.      Educational second
c.       Not too boring for anyone

7.       Please let me know what you think
a.       I’m considering blogging about our process if it works out well

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