May 24, 2012

I See A Casual Summer In My Future

That used to be me, on the bottom-left, except on Fridays, and with less hair.
Then one week on the top-middle.
Now top-middle for the whole summer!
If I pay even more can I be the top-left?

Yet another Dress Code innovation at my company was announced this week. copyrightjoestrazzere

  • First we had Casual Fridays.
  • Then we had Dress Down for Charity Weeks.
  • Now we have "Casual Summer"

If I fork over 30 bucks for local charities, H.R. tells me that I'll be permitted to wear sneakers and jeans for the summer. (Unless someone "important" makes an appearance in the office, in which case I'll need to revert to Smart temporarily.)

Can I just give them $500 to go away and never bother me with this foolish dress code thing again?

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