May 3, 2012

We Are Maniacs!

Our new vacation home in Cape Neddick, Maine

I haven't written much recently. Pretty much all of my free time has been taken up completing the selection and purchase of a vacation home in Cape Neddick, Maine.

My wife and I have been vacationing in York, Maine on and off for around 20 years. We had always imagined what it would be like to own a place near the beach, but with our busy lives, the time was never right. This year, it was finally right. We have been very busy the past few months searching, finding, funding, purchasing, and moving. copyrightjoestrazzere

We're thrilled to have found a place in the Cape Neddick section of York that has just a short stroll to the beach we love, in a wonderful neighborhood. We'll be spending most weekends there, and most of our vacation time as well. As we approach retirement, we'll decide if this is where we want to live full-time.

The process has been frustrating at times, but always interesting. Obtaining a mortgage these days is far more complex and involved than the previous times I had done so, with far more steps required.

The entire process felt like many software projects I've run before. I'll write more about that experience soon.

And the home inspection process felt exactly like a test project. I'll write about that too.

Meanwhile my wife and I are now Maniacs! (I know, the proper term is Mainers, but lately "Maniac" seems closer to the truth).

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  1. Wish you "defect free" vacation home :)

  2. Thanks, Tarun!

    As we know too well, nothing is completely "defect free". I'll settle for "good enough"!

  3. Nice - hope you have many happy times there

  4. Congratulations on your new purchase! It looks like a beautiful place to visit or get away from it all. Looking forward to the comparisons of purchasing and the home inspection to a testing project.