January 5, 2013

Top Ten Search Terms in 2012

Top Ten Terms

As part of my review of All Things Quality for 2012, here were the top ten search terms folks used when they ended up on this blog: copyrightjoestrazzere
  • status report template
  • six
  • free kindle games
  • requirements
  • why software gets in trouble
  • nasdaq logo
  • quality interview questions
  • quality report template
  • all things quality
  • lark
Ok, I'm pleased with "status report template", "requirements", and of course "all things quality".

But, "six"? And "lark"? I'm guessing some folks didn't get what they were looking for.

This article originally appeared in my blog: All Things Quality
My name is Joe Strazzere and I'm currently a Director of Quality Assurance.
I like to lead, to test, and occasionally to write about leading and testing.
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