May 28, 2013

It's Casual Summer In My Office

Usually we must be bottom-left folks, except on Fridays
Now we can be top-middle for the whole summer
If I pay even more can I be the top-left?

It's the beginning of Casual Summer in my office again. copyrightjoestrazzere

Usually we have Smart Casual as our dress code.
And we had Casual Fridays.
Then we had Dress Down for Charity Weeks.
Now we have "Casual Summer". 

If we cough up 30 bucks for local charities, H.R. allows us to wear sneakers and jeans for the summer. (Unless someone "important" makes an appearance in the office, in which case we'll need to revert to Smart temporarily. Hopefully, someone will tell us what "important" means, or at least tell us in advance that such a person will be arriving. For me, they are hard to spot - maybe I'm not Smart enough.)

I've mentioned before how silly I think it is to make non-customer-facing software professionals adhere to a dress code.

The fact that we can get away with an entire summer of Casual (except for "important visitor days"), makes the normal dress code appear even more silly.

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  1. Does seem very silly
    How is 'summer' defined - is it dates? temperature? hours of sun?

  2. The "Summer" part is defined informally. This year it basically means "A few days in May, then all of June, July and August".

  3. I worked a place once where we had a similar deal. But every other place I've worked in 24 years has had no defined dress code. I like it that way.

  4. Same here, Jim. Virtually everywhere I've worked a dress code wasn't deemed necessary.