August 20, 2013

Could Your Business Benefit From Beta Testing?

Can your company benefit from some Beta Testing by professional testers?

I'd like to try a little experiment, and you can help.

For the past few years, I've posted information about Beta Testing opportunities I have found while searching the internet: copyrightjoestrazzere

I think Beta Testing can offer testers a great way to improve their skills, while at the same time offering a nice service to companies in need of some professional testing. I'd like to see if I can help facilitate this process.

Can your company benefit from having some Beta Testing performed by knowledgeable, professional testers?

If so, let me know. Send me a note describing:
  • What needs to be tested? (A website? A downloadable tool? Something else?)
  • What kind of feedback you are looking for? (Just bugs? Usability? Performance?)
  • How potential Beta Testers should contact you?
  • Any other specifics you feel are applicable.

I'll post your information here, and see if I can get you some help. If time allows, I'll also participate in the Beta Test myself (I enjoy this sort of thing).

I don't want any money for this. All I'll ask in return is a recap that I can post here once the Beta is complete. I'll want to know how well it worked for your company, if you got helpful feedback during the Beta period, if any particular Beta testers' feedback was particularly helpful, and what you would do differently if you were to run a public Beta again.

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