December 6, 2013

What's the State of Testing? Take this Survey.

What is the State of Testing?

My friend Joel Montvelisky has asked me to pass the word about a survey he is running in association with the magazine Tea Time with Testers. They are trying to discover the state of testing in the world today.

As Joel says:
Some weeks ago I was looking for information to write a post about the advances in the testing world in the last 5-10 years and I realized that there is no centralized set of information that provides visibility into what is happening and what are the trends in the world of testing today.  In principle I was looking for something similar to the State of Agile survey that I review each year when it goes out, and I was not able to find something that provided this information. 
So I contacted some friends at TeaTime with Testers and we decided to make this into a project.  To release a State of Testing Survey that will provide a snapshot of our testing reality and help us to capture some of the trends as they shift year by year.

Joel knows a lot about testing, is a terrific writer, and an all-around nice guy.

I'm going to be taking this survey, and I'm very interested to see the results.

Can you help out, too?

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