April 23, 2014

Perhaps They Should Have Tested More - CTB/McGraw Hill

Perhaps CTB/McGraw Hill Should Have Tested More

For the second year in a row, students taking online high-stakes standardized tests in Oklahoma had to stop because of  problems in the software. copyrightjoestrazzere
  • About 8,100 Oklahoma students experienced problems
  • Many could never make it past the sign-in screen
  • Many were unexpectedly kicked out in the middle of the test
  • In spite of problems last year, the state renewed its contract with the company for more than $13 million this year in large part because there was not enough time to solicit bids and select another vendor
  • The Education Department is considering switching to pencil and paper testing
  • This appears to be 100 percent a failing of CTB

Like last year, CTB/McGraw Hill gets an "F" on their report card.

Perhaps next year they will do their homework and test more.

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