July 14, 2014

Free Podcasts I like - Jill On Money

Free Podcast - Jill On Money

Often when I'm relaxing on the beach, or taking a walk alone, or doing yard work, I use my iPod.  I have found that, while I enjoy some music, I tend to enjoy talk and good discussion even more.  So I have loaded my iPod with podcasts, and refresh them regularly. copyrightjoestrazzere

As I have mentioned before, I've been doing a lot of reading and listening about financial planning and investing recently.

I found another interesting podcast in this field: Jill on Money by Jill Schlesinger. I really like it.

Jill on Money is unlike most other financial planning and investing podcasts in that it focuses almost entirely on call-in or emailed questions. This allows it to take on a wide variety of topics in a single episode.

From the show's description:
Hosted by CBS Senior Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger, "Jill on Money" is an entertaining call-in radio show that helps listeners take control of their financial lives. Jill communicates complicated and murky financial information in a relatable way to listeners of all ages with varying amounts of money and experience.
You can find the Jill on Money web site at http://www.jillonmoney.com/.

You can find the Jill on Money Podcast on itunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/jill-on-money/id431167790

Check it out if you want to hear some good questions and some really great answers.

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