November 4, 2014

Perhaps They Should Have Tested More - Microsoft Band

Is it 12;45? Or 7:46? Is it Tuesday yet?

Microsoft's entry in the wearable fitness tech category is less than a week old, and already the first bug appears - and it's a Daylight Saving Time bug! copyrightjoestrazzere

  • Band did not correctly synchronize with Microsoft Health
  • Forgot to keep up as clocks fall back
  • Users could find themselves stuck between two times
  • Corrected automatically on November 3rd

I'm pretty sure this Standard Time versus Daylight Saving Time wasn't just recently invented, right? It's been "Spring Forward" and "Fall Back" for a while, right?

Perhaps Microsoft doesn't think Daylight Saving is Healthy. Perhaps in their enthusiasm to get the Band on the market, they just skipped this part of their test plans. Perhaps, someday, vendors will consistently remember to check for things like Daylight Saving Time and Leap Years, rather than follow up buggy versions with press releases and patches.

Perhaps Microsoft should have tested more.

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  1. Love this! I am amazed. Glad that this hardware isn't mission-critical.