February 8, 2015

A Note From The Interview Guys

The Interview Guys

I recently received an email from Jeff Gillis at the "The Interview Guys" website:

Hi Joe,

I was searching for some job interview questions related resources and came across your page at http://www.allthingsquality.com/2010/04/qa-and-testing-interview-questions-and.html
Great resources! A lot of stuff I haven’t seen before…

Although, I couldn't help notice that you do list acetheinterview.com in your list of resources..

You may not be aware, but that website recently closed down.

You may want to remove their link/url from the page.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

My colleague and I produce a blog helping job seekers and we just recently published a pretty popular, in depth post on behavioral job interviewing over at:  http://theinterviewguys.com/behavioral-interview-questions-and-answers-101/
Might make a nice addition to the page :D

Either way, have a nice day!

Jeff Gillis

Thanks, Jeff! 

I looked over your website and I really like what I see so far - terrific, practical advice (in the form of both articles and videos) on all aspects of the job search and interviewing. My sense is that this is fairly a new site. Not a huge volume of content yet, but Jeff Gillis and Mike Simpson are clearly on the right track here.

And I really believe in their core lesson "Its not about you, it's about them".

Keep up the good work!

You have successfully prompted me to start updating my popular page QA and Testing Interview Questions (And Some Answers). And I'll certainly include your website in the update!

(Disclaimer: The "The Interview Guys" site offers several products for sale - Job Interview Road Map, Interview Master Guide, and Interview Master System. I have not tried any of these products yet, and so I cannot endorse any of them.)

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