November 24, 2015

Poor ISTQB Foundation Certification Exam Questions

A few months ago, my team was charged with preparing for, and passing the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam. I retired before the team took the exam, but was present for our preparation work.

As part of the preparation, we took a series of online "practice exams". While taking the exams, I wrote down a few questions that seemed "off" to me.

Here's one:

Test cases are designed during:
  1. Test recording
  2. Test planning
  3. Test configuration
  4. Test specification
To me, this is a poor question.

When I'm testing software, I design test cases all the time
  • I design some test cases during a dedicated session I set aside for just that purpose. 
  • Some I design and prepare while I'm initially reading the requirements (if any exist). 
  • Some test cases are suggested by others after reading a draft of my list of planned tests. 
  • Often, while I'm creating my test automation, other tests come to mind, and I add them to my list of tests to be execute.
What do you think? Is this a good question to ask as part of a certification exam?

By the way - what do you think is the correct answer?

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