People in Testing

Last Updated July 31, 2017

Here are links to the websites/blogs of some people in QA and Testing.

I've limited this list to blogs that:
  • Are exclusively, or at least mostly, about QA or Testing, or have significant QA/Testing content
  • Have had some activity recently
  • Aren't just commercial sites
  • Contain articles I find of interest

And if you find All Things Quality interesting, and would be willing to link to it from your site - that would be mighty nice of you!

Perze Ababa
Perze Ababa
testing, management, automation and other things that's worth discussing beyond 140 characters

Gojko Adzic
Building software that matters

Ilari Henrik Aegerter
Software Testing, Books and Comics

Ashfaque Ahmed
Ashfaque Ahmed's Blog
The best run businesses run SAP. The best learning blog for SAP MM, software testing and software project management: Ashfaque Ahmed's blog

Dustin Andrews
I am filled with solutions
Essays on testability, testing and being a better tester

Matt Archer
Matt Archer's Blog

Federico Silva Armas
Federico Silva Armas

James Bach
James Bach's Blog
The Consulting Software Tester

Jon Bach
Jon Bach's blog, highlighting the humanity in software testing

Ajay Balamurugadas
Enjoy Testing
This is a blog where I (Ajay Balamurugadas) write about my experiences with software, testing software, enjoying defects in software and my learnings in software testing

Scott Barber
Peak Performance
This is where Scott Barber shares his thoughts, opinions, ideas and endorsements related to software testing in general, performance testing in specific, and improving the alignment of software development projects with business goals and risks.

Dan Bartow

Christian Baumann
(Agile) Testing
My journal of stuff I experience in the world of agile & testing.

Fred Beringer
Welcome to Fred Beringer's Blog

Mark Berryman
Testing Toasters
Because those toasters aren't going to test themselves

Sigurdur Birgisson
The story of an optimistic tester

Joshua Bixby
Web Performance Today

Eusebiu Blindu
Test Always
Eusebiu Blindu's Blog

Michael Bolton
Developsense Blog

Natalya Bosatskaya
Practical Tips on Software Testing

Ryan Boucher
passionate about everything

Adam Brown
[ESC]ape Testing

Tony Bruce
Have you ever danced with the tester?
I test.

Sharath Byregowda
Test to Tester

David Burns
The Automated Tester
Explaining how the real world works!

Dawn Cannan
Confessions of a Passionate Tester

Paul Carvalho
Lessons Learned by a Software Tester

Fiona Charles
Quality Intelligence Blog
Intelligence about the people side of software testing & projects by Fiona Charles

Anne-Marie Charrett
Maverick Tester
Software Testing outside the square because thats where the bugs are!

Chris Chartier
Software Test Engineering and Management

Mahesh Choudhary
Apache JMeter

David Christiansen
Information Technology Dark Side
Struggles of a Self-Taught Coder

James Christie
James Christie's Blog
thoughts of a software testing consultant from Scotland

Sherry Chupka
It Don't Work
I started this blog to keep notes and reminders about Visual Studio Team System

Ray Claridge
Agile Testing | Tester Troubles

Joe Colantonio
Tech Geek + Bibliomaniac + Software Automation Imagineer

Marlena Compton
Marlena's Blog
Testing and Coding ... Concurrently

Steve Conley
The Agile Tester
The Daily Life of an Agile Tester

Lanette Creamer
Testy Redhead

Lisa Crispin
Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin
Providing Practical Agile Testing Guidance

Mark Crowther
Yet Another Bloody Blog
About Software Testing and Quality

Steveland Daniels
Life As A Tester
The shared journey of a tester

Selena Delesie
People.  Learning.  Organizations.

Esther Derby
esther derby associates, inc.

Justin Dessonville
I am Dez

Len DiMaggio
Len DiMaggion's (mostly) Software Testing Weblog

Anders Dinsen
Anders Dinsen on Software Testing and Development

Elfriede Dustin
Elfriede Dustin's site on Amazon

Rickard Edgren
thoughts from the test eye

Seth Eliot
Your Software Has Bugs
The processes, people, and technology of producing quality software...and other stuff I want to talk about...

Carsten Feilberg
Let's go explore
This blog will explore anything, but will probably focus mostly on software testing, managing software testing and development

Željko Filipin
Željko Filipin's Blog on Software and Testing
Test like you do not need the money

Jeff Fry
Jeff Fry on Testing
Thoughts on the craft of software testing

Michael Furmaniuk
Old Mr. Cranky Rants about Testing and Technology
I'm old. I'm cranky and think the Luddites were on to something.

Markus Gartner
Software Testing, Craftsmanship, Leadership and beyond

Albert Gareev

Paul Gerrard
Gerrard Consulting
leadership in system and software testing and test management

Grig Gheorghiu
Agile Testing
Thoughts on testing and systems infrastructure with an agile, mostly Pythonic, twist.

Andy Glover
Cartoon Tester

Corey Goldberg
Blog - Technology, Software, Programming, Performance

Google Testing Blog
If it ain't broke, you're not trying hard enough

Adam Goucher
Quality through Innovation

Dorothy Graham
Dorothy Graham Blog
Dot Graham, Software Testing Consultant

Darrell Grainger
QA & Testing
My technical blog.  Mostly about work.  My personal life is, well, personal.

David Greenlees
Martial Tester
A blog for a guy that 'fell' into software testing and hasn't found a way to climb out... It's good or bad depending on the happenings of the day.

Janet Gregory
Agile Testing and Process Thoughts with Janet Gregory
Thoughts on agile testing, process and communication

Vipul Gupta
Software Testing to Software Test Engineering
Breaking the barriers

Ben Hall
Ben Hall's Blog
I don't know darling... I'm doing my work

Martin Hall
The Test Manager Blog
One Test Managers thoughts on The Testing Industry and WebSecurity

Julian Harty
Better Software Testing Blog
Seeking ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our craft

Elisabeth Hendrickson
Test Obsessed
Elisabeth Hendrickson's thoughts on Agile, Testing, and Agile Testing

Matt Heusser
Creative Chaos
Matthew Heusser explores ideas in software development and knowledge work using critical thinking - mostly with an agile and testing slant

Misko Hevery
The Testability Explorer Blog

Abe Heward
Abe Heward's Blog
Thoughts on testing software

Aaron Hodder
The Adventures of TestKiwi

Pete Houghton
Investigating software

Michael Hunter
Test Guide
Making the invisible visible since 1987

Than Huynh
Keep Asking - Keep Learning

Eric Jacobson
Test this Blog
refinements on the art of software testing

Stephen Janaway
Stephen Janaway
I manage groups of people who like to break stuff. I'm intrigued by software testing, test strategies and techniques, and organising everything using Scrum and Kanban. I also talk about mobile devices and mobile testing a lot.

Brent M Jensen
The ramblings of a software testing philosophist

Karen N Johnson
Karen N Johnson

Bob Jones
The Technical Tester
Destroying traditional software testing one code commit at a time.

Griffin Jones
Congruent Compliance
Approachable Solutions to Testing and Compliance

Aditya Kalra
Go gaga over testing...

Cem Kaner
Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D.
Software Engineering Professor and Consumer Advocate

Puneet Karla
Software Testing Stuff
An excellent source of software testing stuff

Nancy Kelln
Unimagined Testing

Ben Kelly

Chris Kenst
My Technology Fetish
Software Testing. Technology.

Trish Khoo
Purple Box Testing
Trish Khoo's testing blog

Mohinder Khosla
Agile Wave

Phil Kirkham
Expected Results
Testing, managing, consulting, quality and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Adam Knight
Software Testing - a Sisyphean Task?
In Pursuit of Learning in Software Testing of Data Storage and Analysis Systems in an Agile Context

Simon Knight
Birmingham Software Testing Consultant
SJPKNIGHT Ltd | Quality Assured

Jonathan Kohl
Johnathan Kohl's Blog
Thoughts on product development, management, design, software testing, mobile and other topics

Tim Koopmans

Shrini Kulkarni
Thinking Tester
Software Testing Unlimited - A stop over for ideas, arguments, tips and tricks about fascinating world of software testing

Tarun Kumar
No Automated Testing
All entries in this blog are my opinion

David Lai
Engineering Quality
Test automation blog exploring the idea of better quality engineering

Rob Lambert
The Social Tester
A Social Software Tester

Michael Larsen
The Mis-Education and Re-Education of a Software Tester

Paul Littlebury
jaffamonkey Quality Assurance & Testing

Alexei Lupan
Worst programmer's friend

James Lyndsay
Workroom Productions
Mainly related to software testing

Steven Machtelinckx
Trust, but verify

Antony Marcano
Anony Marcano's Blog

Brian Marick
Exploration Through Example
Example-driven development, Agile software development, testing, Ruby, and other things of interest to Brian Marick

Pekka Marjamäki
How do I test?
A plog from a Finnish dude who has a grand passion for testing and everything test related in the universe

James McCaffrey
James D. McCaffrey
Software Research, Development, and Testing

Iain McCowatt
Exploring Uncertainty
A Software Testing Blog

Lynn McKee
Quality Perspectives
Lynn McKee's Blog

Clare McLennan
IT Adventures

Bruce McLeod
The software testing blog of Bruce McLeod

Chris McMahon
Chris McMahon's Blog
Software testing, scripting, agile development, things in general...

Darren McMillan
Better Testing
Insights, Thoughts and Ideas

Greg McNelly
Greg McNelly's Blog

Dave McNulla
Software Quality Assurance and Test

Stuart Moncrieff
My Load Test
Performance Testing with a LoadRunner focus

Joel Montvelisky
QA Intelligence
Testing and QA Management Blog

Sean Morley
The Testy Engineer
Ruminations, Revelations, and Rants on Software Test, Engineering, and the Development Process

Simon Morley
The Tester's Headache
Looking at some issues affecting SW Test Engineers

Andrew Morton
Testing Chef

Claire Moss
Using my evil powers for good

Georgia Motoc
Panamo QA
First-hand information from testers, BAs, QA leads, developers, conference speakers, trainers and others

Eric C. Mumford
Web Software QA
Holistic integration of QA methods into modern software development

Sarah Murphy

Brian J. Noggle
QA Hates You
You suspected it.  Now you know it.

Duncan Nisbet
Bespoke testing services

Jeff Nyman
Stories from a Software Tester
Twice upon a time, in another space, no distance in any direction from here …

Brian Olivier
Infrastructure Testing, Testing Beyond Software

Nick Olivo
Thoughts on software automation and software demonstrations

Brian Osman
The Tao of Software Testing

Alan Page
Tooth of the Weasel
notes and rants about testing and quality from alan page

Jaijeet Pandey
Automation Testing (QTP)

Alex Podelko
Alex Podelko's blog about Performance Engineering and other subjects

Catherine Powell
Discovering the human side of software: building, testing, managing and learning

Debasis Pradhan
Software Testing Zone
The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Passionate Software Tester

Scott Price
Lowest Cost Cloud Load Testing Tool

Jared Quinert
Testing times in Software Testing

Randy Rice's Software Testing & Quality Blog
Dedicated to thoughts about software testing, QA, and other software quality related practices. I will also address software requirements, tools, standards, processes, and other essential aspects of the software quality equation.

Alan Richardson
Evil Tester
A different view on software testing

Nathaniel Ritmeyer
Nat On Testing
nathaniel ritmeyer's thoughts on automated software testing

Toni Robres
Software, calidad y test

BJ Rollison
I.M. Testy
Treatises on the practice of software testing

Ewald Roodenrijs
Software Testing and more

Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries
Female Funtestic Fanatic
Concoctions, Ideas and Verities of a Female TestFanatic

Jeroen Rosink
Jeroen's World of Software Testing
You have good choices and other choices.  Testing is a good choice!

Jonathan Ross
All about testing, tech and the things that fuel them

Steve Rowe
Steve Rowe's Blog
Ruminations on Computing - Programming, Test Development, Management and More

John Ruberto
Software Quality & Quality Leadership

Raja Sankar
Test Automation and Network Monitoring

Andrew Schiano
Expert Testers
The advice, musings, and rants of microsoft testers

Huib Schoots
Magnifiant: exploring software testing
Huib's blog on Software Testing

Simon "Peter" Schrijver
Blog of Simon "Peter" Schrijver

Alister Scott
A 93% Watir Based Blog by Alister Scott

Joep Schuurkes
The Testing Curve

Palani Selvam
Software Testing Tips
This blog contains software testing tips and concepts we though to share our theoretical and practical knowledge

Riyaj Shaikh
Riyaj Shaikh's
Your 3 minute read on Testing.Tech Articles.Leadership

Parimala Shankaraiah
Curious Tester
Arise, Awake and Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached

Rosie Sherry
Software Testing Club
a community for software testers

Ranjit Shringarpure
ramblings on testing
in pursuit of continuous improvement

Ben Simo
Is There A Problem Here?
when software discombobulates

Daniel Smith
Shooter Smith

Devon Smith
Everyday QA
Navigating the world of software quality: QA and beyond

Steve Souders
Steve Souders - High Performance Web Sites

Pradeep Soundararajan
Tester Tested!
Pradeep Soundararajan's Software Testing Zen

John Stevenson
The expected result was 42.  Now what was the test?
The ramblings of a tester

Keith Stobie
Musing about Software Testing
Keith's random thoughts about Software Testing.

Brent Strange
QA Insight
Brent Strange's thoughts on Software Quality Assurance and technology

Joe Strazzere
All Things Quality
A gathering place for information and ideas about Quality Assurance, Testing, and other topics of interest

James Thomas

Santhosh Tuppad
Santhosh Tuppad's
Software Testing Blog

Kristjan Uba
Notes to Self
Testing is incredibly complex, but also fun.

Zeger Van Hese
Test Side Story
just because you've counted all the trees doesn't mean you've seen the forest

Rob van Steenbergen
Chickenwings Test Consultancy

Jean-Paul Varwijk
The wondrous world of software testing

Rahul Verma
Testing Perspective

Teemu Vesala
Bad Boys of Quality

Martijn de Vrieze
Martijn de Vrieze, Father, husband and Test consultant – blogging about life as a test consultant

Lyndon Vrooman
Musings of a Mad Tester

Wade Wachs
Testing Manager, Critical Thinker, Future Expert

Pete Walen
Rhythm of Testing
Pete Walen's observations, comments and thoughts of Software Testing

Rajiv Walia
Pure Test - Software Testing Tutorial
The best tester isn't the one who finds the most bugs or who embarrasses the most programmers.  The best tester is the one who gets the most bugs fixed.

Robert Watkins
Red Earth QA of Central Oklahoma
The Red Earth QA SIG is an Information Technology organization that focuses on improving the quality of software implementation projects by sharing information on testing tools and techniques.

Gerald M Weinberg
Gerald M. Weinberg: Writer - Consultant
Dedicated to Helping Smart People be Happy

Timothy Western
Discovered Tester
Contemplation, introspection, transpection, and other thoughts related to testing and life long learning

Adam White
Adam White

Christin Wiedemann
Christin's blog on testing
I want to be a fantastic tester, and one part of striving to improve my testing skills is to share my thoughts on testing.

Linda Wilkinson
Practical QA
Common Sense Quality for the Rest of Us

Ron Wilson
Agile Product Manager | DevOps Champion | Quality Engineering

Patrick Wilson-Welch
Agile coding, agile testing, agile coaching, the agile enterprise, and Network Weaving

Daniel A Woodward
Who Tested This?
Daniel A Woodward's Thoughts on Testing, Software Development and some geeky stuff.

Torsten J. Zelger
Simply The Test
A jotter about software testing and some other funny scenarios illustrated from Torsten J. Zelger

William Zhang
test log
a tester's note

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